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Troubled picture with Bahubali, then the female fan slapped the slap, being viral, this reaction of Prabhas!



The movie of the south industry's popular movie Bahubali will be found in the whole world. After the success of the movie 'Bahubali', his fans have grown to millions of crores. Prabhas is currently busy with his forthcoming film Saoho, it took almost two years to build Saheo in the film directed by Sujeet Sarkar. After long wait, the film will be released in theaters across the country on August 15. Meanwhile, a video of Prabhas is becoming viral on social media, in which one of his fanfen seems to be slapping him.

Prabhas was surrounded by some fans at the airport and also requested to pull photos from them. During this, a crazy fan becomes very excited after seeing Prabhas. In the video, you can see how the fan is expressing his happiness by jumping into it. Prabhas could not deny his fiance and started posing with him. During this one of his fans became so excited that he slapped Prabhas in slap. Prabhas was also shocked by this act of fan. This video of this crazy fan of Prabhas is becoming very viral on social media, which is very much like people.

Prabhas was a part of Karan Johar's chat show Coffee with Karan sometime ago. In the show, Karan Johar had asked the question about Femal's Attention from Prabhas. In response, Prabhas had said, let him stay away from me and love. Talking about careers, Prabhas Saha is busy shooting for the film these days. Talking of the film 'Saoho', Shraddha Kapoor will share screen with Prabhas in this movie.

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Her excitement at peaks 😍😍😍😍, Very lucky fans 😍😍😍. Los Angeles prabhas fans,😍😍😍😍 #Prabhas #Saaho #ShadesOfSaahoChapter2 #ShadesOfSaaho2

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Apart from this, Prabhas Radha will also be seen in Krishna Kumar's film. It is being told that this film of Prabhas can arrive on the floor next year. Let's say that after the success of 'Bahubali', Prabhas had had 6000 wedding offers but he currently wants to focus on his career.

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