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In most of the films, why is Salman Khan’s character named ‘Prem’?



In Bollywood, Salman Khan may be known as 'Sultan' or 'Bhaijan', but his first superstar was known as 'Prem' in the world of film, which was given by film producer-director Suraj Barjatya to Salman Khan. Name is Suraj Barjatya has kept the name of the hero in most of his films. In this regard, Barjatya says that this name is related to the spirit of his films and family.

Barjatya started his directorial debut with the 1989 film "Main Pyar Kiya", in which Salman Khan played the role of love. In this film, Salman had a lead role for the first time. This film was a super hit.
After that, both of us are yours, we are together and acted in blockbuster films like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, in which Salman Khan had love for all the characters.

Even Barjatya directed two films without Salman Khan, I love Hrithik Roshan in Prem Ki Devi Hoon and Shahid Kapoor's main character in the marriage was also love. He also retained his male hero's love in these films.

In an interview, Barjatya said that the name contains everything that he wants, which he wants to say through his films. The director said, "Love" refers to a person who has a basic right, who is traditionally associated with his roots, who is very culturally, likes to live with his family and with heart that's good.''

Barjatya says that this name was selected very carefully, which has now become an identity of every film of hers. The director said that there was a lot of discussion on the name. Many names have been discussed. At that time, the most superhit film of our Rajshri Productions was 'Dulhan Wahi Jia Piya Mana Bhaye' (1977). Prem Krishna was a hero in that and his name was 'Prem' in that film.

Tell you, almost all the movies of Barjatya are based on family drama, in which the story of a prosperous household is shown, in which a large joint family is shown. Their films mainly show family relationships, its rites, theories and its importance. The origin of his films is based on family 'love'.

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